Our training program's goal is to encourage and motivate personal and professional development.

With this approach of continuous education, we achieve optimal efficiency, motivation and reach the full potential of each employee.

According to your company's needs, we use different types of specialized interactive trainings. The trainings are designed with specific technics of conducting, focusing on the development of each individual participant.


Trening themes

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Motivation
  • Monitoring the performance of employees
  • Setting goals
  • Operating adaptation of employees
  • Quality service
  • Respect for our customers
  • Presentation
  • Sales and sales skills
  • Seller - consultant
  • The principles of good administration instructions
  • Culture business discipline
  • Teamwork and team leadership
  • The art of listening and asking questions
  • Assertiveness
  • Conflict and ways of resolving conflict
  • Time management
  • Control stress

This type of training is aimed at individuals who want to improve their own skills in both, personal and professional terms. According to the selected theme, participants were able to revive, better understand and achieve their individual needs easier. Through the training program, conducted by various technics which are suitable to every day life, you will be able to reach your full potential and to be more satisfied with your life.

Excellent quality of service can be a major reason for the increasing number of customers in your business, for higher sales, better profits, which will lead to long-term success. Mystery shopping is a safe and fair way of checking compliance with the standards and quality of services provided.


As the competition in the market is increasing, better service is an opportunity to create an advantage over the competition. It is important, therefore, that we pay more attention to the human factor, and to improve each contact that employees and the entire company has with potential customers and clients.


The goal of such research is to analyze and determine the capacity and expertise of staff in order to meet the needs of potential customers in the best way, and to establish a general impression and the visual identity of the whole company.


Through received reports of secret customers, the company will have a clear understanding of the real situation in their facilities and be able to obtain objective feedback from trained, professional and impartial Mystery shoppers.

It is not our aim to consider only customer and sales staff interaction but to achieve a full and accurate picture. The reports cover the areas of the visual identity of the object, marketing, price, offer, quality of service and overall impression on employees and the facility.


We use several methods in the work of mystery shopping and determine the most appropriate approach for each company in accordance with their needs and objectives:

  • Mystery shopping
  • Business to business mystery shopping 
  • Mystery calls 
  • Mystery  web
  • Benchmarking  mystery shopping


Personal training is an interactive process that enables individuals to develop their abilities and to reach the desired results and performance more efficiently.


Through our joint efforts, clients are encouraged to learn and improve abilities. The effects of this approach are visible in both a professional and personal capacity. The results maximize the potential for the highest goal achievement.


With this approach we support every client's individual growth and development, helping them to become aware of themselves, of their desires and goals. Helping them to develop problem-solving skills and a sense of responsibility. Within the work environment, we make the employees more motivated and more engaged in the business. They are focused on finding solutions rather than on the excuse of why something cannot be completed.


Awareness = Responsibility = Control = Freedom



Personal training sessions are particularly important for people who are in leadership positions, who have the task of managing teams and improving their own managing methods. This approach facilitates achieving the desired goal efficiently and it motivates the managed team.


The greatest value of each company are the employees who work there! Not just any employee, but the "real one"!


Therefore, it is important to get the suitable candidates for the business and to upgrade the work environment, and by that, to increase the value of the entire organization. The selection process includes the assessment and selection of employees and potential employees in your company. We offer you the possibility of professional, independent and modern way of selection of candidates, using different techniques and criteria for assessing candidates' suitability for a particular job position.


The art of successful business is to find, hire and retain the right people in the right place!


Puzzle aims to draw attention to the fact that good relations and organization within companies can bring great benefits which, beside improving the working conditions and skill development of each employee, can lead to the greater profitability and company growth.

Improved mutual relations will bring better communication and more effective problem solving skills. By working together, we create an environment that is both supportive for individuals as well as the system as a whole. That way we can effectively meet the challenges ahead, make decisions faster and accept our mutual differences with ease in order to meet the teams’ highest potential.

To improve the professional working environment, it is necessary to do a thorough research of all the company's potential, in order to make action plans and begin the approach of achieving desired goals while monitoring the results and raising the competence of all employees.

Puzzle consulting offers guidance where needed that increases the company's value and corporate culture by creating more efficient organizational charts, business ethics, standards, job descriptions and work procedures. Puzzle consulting helps to define the business and development goals all while monitoring and improving the performance of employees.

We believe that each person has a priceless value!


Also, we believe that people are born with all necessary resources and capabilities to live a creative life, problem solve individual issues and be in good contact with the environment. Because of that, we use Gestalt psychotherapy method.


Puzzle team is proud to cooperate with a team of doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists with extensive education and experiance in various fields. We help people to expand their self-awareness, build up problem-solving skills and become conscious of their own desires, needs and goals.


The clients have our support in their growth and in developing the abilities to overcome the tasks that push them beyond their potentials, their outdated reactions and exhausting relations.


These methods help to present that it is possible to experience unfortunate circumstances as a challenge and can mobilize energy and prepare a person to overcome issues. Therefore, the client will have more energy and a sense of strength instead of feeling that he/she is a victim of the situation.


Puzzle values


Through expertise


Through focus


Through ideas


Through understanding


Through experience